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For those complaining about the heat, get real it is a warehouse, it is not a furniture showroom. You have to know what you want, you have to know your measurements of the rooms in your home and again be specific in your needs. Sure there is pressure, not much I admit, to buy they are a business not a charity. If you understand what your needs are, have a good knowledge of tools and materials you can get great deals. If you are not skilled or knowledgeable in appliances, buy brand new at a big box retailer or an appliance store. You HAVE to know your stuff when buying at a warehouse and how to look for stuff. I got great deals for my son’s furniture, brand new bed at a great price (solid wood) great mattress and box spring set and an additional mattress for half of what you pay anywhere else. The gentleman who helped me load my truck, were great and yes I would go there again. Open the boxes and look at the product, set your price expectation and enjoy your shopping experience. Special shout out to the loader who mentioned being a good father. God bless you and your business…..stay honest the money will always come.