How to Arrange Living Room Furniture – The Complete Guide

Living Room

Thinking about arranging or decorating furniture in a room; the first thing that comes to mind is the living room. You might be overwhelmed with putting all the pieces together to make an attractive living space look. When it comes to arranging or decorating it, there are many things to consider from personal aesthetic, lifestyle, taste, and budget to what looks best with the existing décor. Arrangement of furniture is the best way, to begin with – from arranging sofas, tables, chairs, storage cabinets, to any other thing that touches the floor.

To guide you through each step of arranging furniture to enhance the overall style and look of the living room, we have compiled living space layout ideas that best work for every room and make your job of decorating the room easy and great fun.  

Take the Measurement of the Living Room 

To pick the right-sized pieces of furniture for each side of the room, knowing the size of the space is essential. The best way, to begin with, is to measure the area, i.e., the length and width of the living space from wall to wall. So, you won’t select furniture that’s too small or large or not balanced with the existing room style and décor. Sketching a robust floor plan helps you know what will work best and what will not because it is easy to make changes on paper rather than move heavy furniture from one place to another. 

Pick a Focal Point

Picking a focal point of the living room is very important to highlight the space you want to design or place a TV, fireplace, artwork, media center, etc. Once you are done with deciding the focus of the space, you can easily arrange the furniture you want to place according to the need. Also, consider certain things like viewing distance, visual balance, seating arrangement and conversation areas that might affect your furniture’s placement. The main sofa or couch should be placed to face the main wall on which TV is fixed. Similarly, the placement of a pair of unique upholstered armchairs makes a bold statement while adding an elegant touch. 

Most people consider conversation the most important goal for living rooms having a fireplace. Similarly, a semi-circular furniture configuration around the hearth promotes a healthy interaction with family and friends. In short, identifying a focal point of the room helps decorating the space looks more stunning and attractive than ever. 

Arrange Tables, Storage Cabinets and Ottomans

Once the seating arrangement has been made around the focal point, the next step is to arrange tables, storage cabinets, and ottomans in the center of the sofas and chairs. It is best to place a coffee table in a way that drinks, nuts, or tv remote is within your reach. Similarly, sofa tables will set behind a sofa against its back, and the side table will go on either side of the sofa. Also, consider the spacing of approx. 30 inches between furniture items so that people can easily pass through.

For small spaces, placing a nesting table works best because not only consume less space that can expand when needed and fold up it is not required. Media centers and TV units are put under the TV and placed on the longest wall whereas Storage cabinets are set against the wall where you found a significant space. The right placement of tables, ottomans, and cabinets makes a living room spacious and adds an aura of glamour to it.

Assign Floor and Table Lamps

Placing floor lamps around the side tables add an elegant and final touch to the overall living room look. It is necessary to ensure that they don’t take up the entire tabletop. Chandeliers placed above the main seating area create a stylish décor of the space. 

Center Your Area Rug

The last element which completes the overall décor of the room is placing the rug in the middle of the main seating space and extend a few inches beyond the sofa and chairs to anchor the entire room. Even the room is carpeted, adding a thick accent rug on its top adds warmth and encourages guests to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Following these simple steps for arranging living room furniture will ensure a nice flow and plush look of your home style. Check out more ideas and blogs of Furniture Liquidators for more tips on arranging furniture and decorating your room at its best.

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