When Do You Know it’s Time to Replace Furniture?


Everything comes with an expiration date, even your furniture!! 

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they realize, “That couch has got to go.” Or maybe their back is starting to complain about the mattress they’ve had so long they can’t remember what year they bought it or whether they’ve just finished furnishing a new home or last decorated ten years ago. Regardless of what your reason may be for wanting new furnishings, be strategic about when you purchase new items to revamp your home.

Let us put some insight on how long some furnishings can last for since there is no specific expiration date mentioned on its back!


The average mattress lasts anywhere for a 5-10 year lifespan applies to all types, whether they are foam, waterbed, or spring. It may last a decade but don’t forget everything is always replaceable. 

Dining Room Tables: 

A dining room table can last for many years as long as the surface has not given up or become significantly broken, dented, or blackened. Although its surface is made to resist damage, and damage can be reduced or camouflaged by using placemats or tablecloths, it will certainly need replacement when the damage has become too hard to repair or cannot be concealed any longer. Your space can also be a factor in replacing a dining table. Your old dining tables can either be too small or too big for the space you have or maybe that fact that you just need to oomph up your old dining area and give it a breath of fresh air. Similarly, for dining room chairs, if they have not been completely damaged they are okay to use. However, unlike a damaged dining table, if one dining chair is damaged or broken you might have to replace most of the chairs or the head chairs in order to provide a symmetrical look to your dining space and avoid mismatched dining chairs.


On average, a typical sofa lasts between 7 to 15 years but it is predominantly based on how much the sofa or couch is used and what for. A sofa usually lasts until it is not distressing you while you sit on it and if you have stained the fabric to irrevocable spillage marks.

Quality furniture lasts until the material it made from lasts, the more premium quality of wood, the more longevity and durability it offers. Sometimes furnishings made from metal can also rust if used for a very long time.

Three times You Should Replace & Reupholster Your Furniture!

If it’s an antique piece

it is best not to meddle with the originality. Instead of replacing it, you can get it reupholstered by a skilled craftsman who can keep the integrity and originality of the antique piece, all while keeping your emotional attachment to it intact.

It’s Fabric

If it is only the fabric that has been spoiled, it is best to change it with a new one instead of finding the same fabric or replacing the whole furniture. It saves time and also revamps your old furnishing.

Space matters 

If it doesn’t fit, it is best to get rid of it. Sometimes the size of the furniture can create clutter in your space and provide a disproportionate and distorted look to your home. It is best to choose furnishings that are perfect for your space to avoid clutter for a more spacious ambiance.

The Best Ways to Discard Your Furniture!

You can always donate, sell, and give away your old furnishings. Selling your old fixtures and adding more money into buying new stuff can be more budget-friendly and an efficient way of replacing it. Donating your old items to different philanthropic organizations is also a great way to get rid of it, being considerate of people in your community can also be very rewarding. Or you can just give it away to your friend who’s either moving out of their house as a house-warming present.

Now that we have covered all the ditsy details of how and why you should replace your furniture, you can consider all these factors and then make your final decision. It is not too late to give your homes a new and fresh appearance after-all furnishing is an expression of your living and a reflection of the personalities that make your house a complete home.

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